2013 Bond Information

Rebuild 40 Year Old + Rebuilds and Improvements: $ 182,000,000

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Clear Lake High School

Clear Lake High School: $ 98,606,691

  • Major rebuild of 1972 building
  • A comprehensive, two story high school to accommodate 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade in one building
  • Improve safety and security
  • Eliminate the use of a 9th grade center
  • Proposal  excludes field house, gyms, pool and science wing 


Clear Creek High School: $ 24,227,219

  • Complete the rebuild of Clear Creek High School (1956) which was not included in the 2004 bond
  • Includes career and technical education, athletics and fine arts areas

Seabrook Int. Gym

Seabrook Intermediate: $ 11,773,351

  • Replace portables with permanent addition
  • Expand cafeteria, library and stage to accommodate student enrollment 

McWhirter Elementary Foundation

McWhirter Elementary: $ 30,804,660      

  • Complete rebuild of 1956 and 1971 buildings
  • Campus currently has 72 exterior doors
  • Proposal is to build a smaller and energy efficient campus


Improvements to the following 40 Year old + facilities: $ 16,663,402