2013 Bond Information

Co-curricular and Extracurricular: $ 49,000,000

Second District Stadium: $ 39,079,651
  • Second stadium to accommodate five 5A high schools and ten intermediate schools
  • 9,500 seat steel structure with track and field house for graduation staging and student events
  • Does not include media scoreboard
  • Land purchased for a stadium in the 2004 bond
  • Alleviate traffic and scheduling conflicts at Clear Creek High School and Clear Creek Intermediate
  • Eliminate Thursday evening home games

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  • Stadium Facts
Veterans Memorial Stadium: $ 2,026,581
  • Replace bleacher railings for safety
  • Replace end of life-cycle turf
Westside Agriculture Center: $ 2,922,089
  • Expand facility to accommodate program growth among three high schools
Eastside Agriculture Center: $ 3,552,687
  • New facility at a new location to accommodate program growth and two high schools