2013 Bond Information
Greene Elementary

2903 Friendswood Link Road
Webster, Texas 77598

Original Building Completed: 1976

 Building Area: 79,818
 Building Capacity: 690

Greene Elementary was built in 1976 with a building capacity of 623. Historically and based on future projections, the enrollment at this school has/will be within the 700-850 range. To accommodate enrollment, the District placed 16 portable classrooms that have become permanent classes. The Committee recommends the addition of an eight classroom wing and to expand the campus infrastructure to permit for a larger population. The expansion would include a larger cafeteria and clinic. 

Bond Proposal: $5,700,355
  • Construct a six (6) classroom addition to replace portables to accommodate enrollment growth 
  • Expand cafeteria to accommodate enrollment growth 
  • Construct a music room addition and relocate clinic to accommodate cafeteria expansion 
  • Additional parking lot and parent drive to accommodate growth and improve traffic safety 
  • Replace AC/heating system and fire alarm 
  • Replace roof 
  • Replace intercom system and cafeteria sound system 
  • Replace carpet