2013 Bond Information
Clear Brook High School

Clear Brook High School

4607 FM 2351
 Friendswood, Texas 77546

Original Building Completed: 1988
 Building Area: 398,926
 Building Capacity: 2,728

Clear Brook High School does not have a secure entrance. The campus was built in 1988. Unlike other schools, students and community members walk through the main entrance and can directly enter the main building of the school. The proposal will construction of a secure vestibule. This project also calls for an expansion of the cafeteria, serving lines and library, as well as the career and technical, counseling, special education, athletic, and computer lab areas to accommodate student needs and enrollment growth. This project will also correct a major foundation failure which has caused a section of the building to separate.

Bond Proposal: $ 20,879,208
  • Create secure entrance to campus
  • Relocate administration area to allow expansion of cafeteria and library for enrollment growth
  • Expand and modernize Special Ed Wing for enrollment growth
  • Expand CTE classrooms for enrollment growth
  • Expand computer labs to meet current standards
  • Add locker rooms for enrollment growth
  • Improve auditorium, including fly-loft over existing stage
  • Add band storage and soundproofing to practice rooms to meet program needs
  • Add black box theater and theater tech classroom to meet district standards
  • Improve baseball and softball fields, tennis court, track and field for student safety
  • Increase electrical capacity to address technology needs
  • Replace AC/heating system, fire alarm, roof, intercom and sound equipment
  • Add energy management system
  • Parking and parent turnaround