2013 Bond Information
Seabrook Intermediate

2401 East Meyer Road
Seabrook, Texas 77586 

Original Building Completed: 1966

Building Area: 141,447
Building Capacity: 934

The Committee is recommending an addition to this 1966 school to bring it up to today’s educational standards. Seabrook Intermediate has ten portable buildings that have been in place for more than 10 years. Contracted demographers project enrollment at or above 1,000 for several years. The Committee recommends building a permanent addition to replace the portables as well as expanding the cafeteria, library, and locker rooms to meet the enrollment needs of this campus and bring the school to Texas Education Agency standards.  The cafeteria addition also allows for a new stage in the commons of more comparable capacity and quality to other CCISD intermediate schools

Bond Proposal: $ 11,773,351
  • Add 7 general classrooms, 3 science rooms, 1 food lab, 1 art room to accommodate enrollment growth 
  • Expand library to accommodate enrollment growth 
  • Convert classrooms to accommodate educational program 
  • Expand and improve locker rooms 
  • Improve kitchen and replace food service equipment 
  • Expand cafeteria 
  • New stage to accommodate enrollment growth and program needs 
  • Reconfigure auto & bus-drop off areas to improve student and traffic safety 
  • Replace roof 
  • Improve site parking and drainage 
  • Refurbish student lockers 
  • Paint corridors & common areas 
  • Replace major components of AC/heating system 
  • Replace major components of fire alarm system 
  • Improve track and tennis court facilities for student safety