Advanced Academics and Gifted and Talented

Identification and Assessment

How do I refer my child for GT classes/assessment?

Clear Creek ISD screens for qualified Gifted and Talented students using a variety of sources:
  • Classroom performance
  • Authentic assessments
  • Portfolio data
  • Performance on qualitative and quantitative screening instruments
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Cumulative records, etc.
  • Selection Procedures
A selection committee consisting of at least three Gifted and Talented specialists will examine the qualifications of each candidate and recommend appropriate placement. Criteria for selection includes both quantitative (cognitive skills tests, etc.) and qualitative (professional recommendation, grades, portfolio samples, etc.) data.


Parents and students will be notified in writing of the testing results and the decision of the selection committee. Once the parents know the results, the teachers will be notified.
  • Placement
  • Students who qualify for the Gifted and Talented Program will be placed in Gifted and Talented classes
  • Appeal process
A parent or staff member may appeal an identification decision made by the selection committee. The appellant must submit an appeal letter no later than 15 working days after the committee has announced its selection decisions. The committee will respond to the person making the appeal no later than 15 working days after receipt of the letter of appeal.  Any subsequent appeal shall be made in accordance with FNG (LOCAL) beginning at Level Two.

Preliminary Gifted Identification ~ Clear Creek ISD

For NON_ENROLLED students
(Private school, homeschool, or planning to move to CCISD attendance boundaries)

Each year, many parents contact CCISD expressing their interest in learning more about the gifted opportunities we offer. In an effort to assist parents in determining the most appropriate instructional setting for their child, the Department of Advanced Academics and Gifted Programming has developed the following referral guidelines:

Guidelines for Three Distinct Referral Windows

First Day of School (4th Monday in August) - May 1
  • Parent initial contact and referral form completed
  • ALL requested student records* or a complete file must be received in order for a GT Identification Committee to determine student's gifted identification in Clear Creek ISD
May 2 - July 15
  • Parent initial contact and referral form completed
  • ALL requested student records* or a complete file must be received by July 15
  • GT Identification Committee will meet in late July to review the completed files of students whose parents would like them evaluated for the gifted program in CCISD for the upcoming school year
Any candidates without a completed file by July 15 will be reviewed after the beginning of the school year.

July 16 - Friday before the 1st day of school
  • Parent initial contact and referral form completed
  • Student must enroll in CCISD
  • Intermediate level students (whose intent is a WAVE campus) must enroll on their home/zoned campus
  • ALL requested student records* or a complete file must be received in order for a GT Indentification Committee to determine student's gifted identification in Clear Creek ISD
Testing for gifted identification for students enrolled in CCISD takes place during the fall or spring testing sessions.

Once a student's gifted identification has been established and the student is officially enrolled in CCISD, he/she will begin receiving gifted services.

CCISD enrolled intermediate students whose gifted identification has been established are eligible to transfer to the appropriate zoned WAVE campus.

CCISD's Gifted Program follows the Texas Education Agency's guidelines for student assessment in the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.

*Requested Records
Requested records include:
  • The last two years of ANY standardized testing the student has taken (including abilities testing, IQ testing, achievement testing, state assessments)
  • ANY documentation showing a student's participation in a gifted program in another school or district that includes the quantitative data used to identify the child:
    - Name of test/assessment and results
    - Teacher evaluations
    - Parent evaluations
    - Other criteria used by the previous school or district for gifted identification
  • A copy of the student's most recent report card
  • A letter of recommendation from the child's teacher, coach, club leader, or religious leader may be requested at a later date
  • If the student's current district requires a "Release of Confidential Information" form from CCISD in order to send records to us, it is the parent's responsibility to provide us with the contact information of the person/school to whom/which we are to send the form
    - name of individual/campus
    - phone number, fax number, and/or email address of contact/campus
  • Requested records may be faxed, emailed, or sent via traditional mail to the GT Office.
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