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Credit by Examination (Without Prior Instruction)

Credit by Examination (CBE)
Leading the Way in the 21st Century Clear Creek ISD offers four opportunities (fall, spring, and twice during the summer) for students to gain credit by examination.  Exams are available for kindergarten acceleration, all grade levels 1-8, and selected TEKS-based courses in grades 6-12.  The purpose of Credit by Exam is to allow a student to accelerate and earn credit without prior formal instruction in that course or grade.  The student must score a minimum of 80 for the required test(s) for the appropriate course/grade in which the student wants to skip.  If a student is attempting to test out of an entire grade level, he/she must earn a minimum of 80% on each of four content area exams (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies). Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 test dates have been set, which are detailed below.
Fall 2015 CBE dates
K-8 Grade Level Acceleration:
Grade level acceleration will be administered on the dates listed below. For elementary and intermediate students who would like to test out of an entire grade level through the CBE process, an initial testing session (Round I) will be administered on October 8 from 4-7 pm. If the student meets the minimum requirement on that particular CBE (Round I), then they will proceed to the November testing session listed below (Round II). If 80% is not attained on the ELA CBE (Round 1), students will not advance to Round II test sessions.
Round 2-November 17-19, 2015 (K-5 Math, Science, and Social Studies CBEs )

Grades 6-12 Course Acceleration:
For intermediate and high school students who would like to register to take a CBE for a specific course will test during the following window: November 17-19, 2015. Students must be available to test each day during that window. There will be no makeups or rescheduling opportunities.
Students must submit a registration form to their counselor on or before 3:00 pm on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 to be eligible for the fall testing session. No late registration forms or online registration submissions will be accepted. (Counselors only have access to online registration site).

Students interested in participating in the credit by examination process should contact their school counselor for future CBE test sessions. Please contact the school counselor at the student’s school to determine if that student qualifies for Credit by Exam.  Please direct specific questions concerning the Credit by Exam program or kindergarten acceleration to Laura Gaffey at 281-284-8384.

Spring 2016 CBE dates
January 28, 2016-(Round 1 ELA CBE for K-5 grade level acceleration)
February 23-25, 2016-(Round 2 for grade level acceleration, and grades 6-12 course acceleration)
The deadline for CBE registration forms is Friday, December 11. No late registration forms will be accepted.

Documentation for Certain CBEs
Please note that it is the student' s responsibility to bring any necessary materials and/or documentation to the testing site, as indicated on the University of Texas at Austin UT High School's study guides for the specific exams. (Please see the website listed below in order to access specific study guides). Also, some exams require preparation prior to the test, so please be sure to read the information on the specific study guide for the test in which you registered).

NEW INFORMATION for Art 1A&B and Physical Education 1B CBEs—For students who would like to earn credit in these electives through CBE, they will need to turn in ALL required documentation to their counselor one month prior to the scheduled testing session. If students do not turn in required documentation, the test will NOT be ordered.
Due dates for this documentation are listed below:

  • Fall: October 9, 2015
  • Spring: January 22, 2016
  • 1st summer session: May 13, 2016
  • 2nd summer session: June 2, 2016

Exception: For students who are taking any LOTE (Languages Other Than English) CBEs, CCISD will provide you with a username and password for the speaking and listening portion of the exam, which will be online. The remainder of the exam will be paper-based. CCISD will provide headphones (with a microphone) for participating students.

Calculators, if allowable, are provided by CCISD. Students may not use their own devices.

Kindergarten Acceleration
Texas state law requires that in order for students to be enrolled in kindergarten, they must be 5 years old on or before September 1. If a student is currently enrolled in a private kindergarten school and will be 5 years old on or before September 1, they are eligible to register for the kindergarten CBE; however, if the student will not be 5 years old by September 1, they are not eligible for the kindergarten CBE.
Testing Information
Each CBE has a maximum three (3) hour time limit.
Confirmation letters
Confirmation letters will be sent to students' home addresses via US mail approximately 3-4 weeks prior to testing. Please be sure to retain this letter for your records and closely read the enclosed testing information and FAQs.
Grade Reports
Grade reports will be sent home following CBE test administration. A copy of the grade report will also be sent to the campus in which the student is currently enrolled.
Questions regarding CBE?
Please contact the school counselor at the student’s school to determine if that student qualifies for Credit by Exam.  Please direct specific questions concerning the Credit by Exam program or kindergarten acceleration to Laura Gaffey 281-284-8384.

Leading the Way in the 21st Century!

All exams will be online assessments with the exception of the following:

K-8 Math, 4th and 7th Grade ELA, Art I, all Physical Education 1B courses, all Languages Other Than English (LOTE), Math Models, Pre-Calculus, World History, and World Geography.

For information and requirements about specific CBE assessments, please visit the Study Guides listed below.

Students may obtain and print K-12 study guides by accessing the following link:
Please note that beginning the Spring 2015 CBE session, the following high school level CBEs will no longer be offered for Credit by Examination for acceleration purposes:
  1. Algebra I
  2. Biology
  3. English I
  4. English II
  5. U.S. History
The five exams listed above are only available for credit recovery. For more information on this issue, please refer to the TEA website (specifically, 19 TAC Chapter 74 Curriculum Requirements, Subchapter C, Other Provisions, §74.24).

Tests will only be offered during the dates listed above, and tests may not be rescheduled. Failure to attend your scheduled test session(s) will result in a dropped course from the University of Texas at Austin's K-16 Education Center.

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