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Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

Audio Video TechnologyAs Shakespeare observed, All the world’s a stage. Whether it’s music, painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, or dancing, artistic expression is all around us – on TV and radio, at the movies, in art galleries, on the Web, in our MP3 players. If you have a calling to be creative, yearn to express yourself, or love using new technologies, then Arts, A/V Technology & Communications may be the right career cluster for you. Learn to entertain and inform through the world of technology and communications professionals including producers, print and electronic journalists, website designers, video game programmers and multimedia artists.

Computer Graphics

Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication

  • 7200 Professional Communications

  • 7201 Digital & Interactive Multimedia

  • 7210 Introduction to Audio/Video Production

  • 7222 Audio/Video Production II

  • 7221 Audio/Video Production I

  • 7231 Animation I

  • 7232 Animation II

  • 7240 Fashion Design

  • 7241 Graphic Design & Illustration I

  • 7242 Graphic Design & Illustration II

  • 7250 Game Programming

  • 7260 Web Technologies

  • 7299 Independent Study: Arts and Communications Technology (Adv Acad)

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