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Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge by seeking to better understand and improve the world around us. They explore vast galaxies of stars and the tiniest subatomic particles. If you are curious about the universe, dream of exploring new worlds of knowledge, or want to solve the planet’s problems, then Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics could be the right career cluster for you.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

  • 7900 Introduction to Engineering Design (Adv Acad)

  • 7910 Principles of Engineering (Adv Acad)

  • 7911 Digital Electronics (Adv Acad)

  • 7920 Architecture and Engineering (Adv Acad)

  • 7921 Aerospace Engineering (Adv Acad)

  • 7930 Engineering Design and Problem Solving

  • 7940 Engineering Design and Development (Adv Acad)

  • 7951 Forensic Science

  • 7961 Biotechnology

  • 7963 Advanced Biotechnology

  • 7990 Practicum in Biotechnology

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