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Longhorn Project

The Texas Longhorn Breeders Gulf Coast Association (TLBGCA) and Texas Longhorn Breeder Association of America (TLBAA) participate in the Longhorn Project Breeders program by providing the following:
  • Longhorns for students to care for, raise, and show.
  • Pay monthly prorated share of animal’s feed expenses to include show vitamins, additives, etc. 
  • Pay monthly incidental veterinary fees that are accrued by that animal (health certificates, branding, hoof trimming, etc.) 
  • Pay for any animal entry fees including Open and Youth shows. 
  • Provide reasonable assurance that the animal will remain until the end of the show year, to be completed at the end of the World Longhorn Expo or Autobahn Super Stakes that is held in August if the Breeder so desires. Are current, paid members of TLBGCA and TLBAA. 

Funds for facility supplies, student travel to competitions, fencing, earthwork, and associated equipment come from tax-deductible donations to the Longhorn Project from area businesses and industry. Many individuals also pledge donations of money, technical expertise, and time. The state of Texas and various agricultural and cattle breeding organizations are donating cattle, fish, seeds, fruit trees, vegetables, and other supplies. The school district provides the maintenance of facilities, groundskeeping, and personnel to manage the project and mentor the students. NASA JSC permits the use of their land and provides technical expertise for both the design and construction of the project as well as assisting students with experiments.


Volunteers are the cornerstone of the Longhorn Project. Many individuals volunteer their time, talents and resources and make a significant contribution to the educational opportunities that are available to students.

The Galveston Bay Area – Texas Master Naturalists have adopted the NASA/CCISD Longhorn Project to provide their support in all of the above areas including the educational programs for the CCISD 3rd, 7th, and high school science and agriscience students.

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