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The Clear Creek Independent School District has published 2014 survey results from parents, staff and the community at-large. During the 2013-2014 school year, the school district conducted three surveys, two through email and one by telephone. Overall, responses to the series of questions have improved year-to-year and the data collected will be used as a means for continuous improvement.



When asked to give CCISD a grade, 90% of the community gave an A or B, 85% of parents gave an A or B, and 91% of staff gave an A or B. When asked about the biggest challenge facing the school district, the community ranked parental involvement (36%) and school funding (36%) as the top challenges followed by student discipline (34%), quality of instruction (23%), district management (22%), and campus safety (17%).    

Academic Preparedness

In the area of academic performance and student preparedness for the next grade level, 77% of parent respondents feel their child is prepared to do well in the next grade level, 72% say their child is receiving the kind of instruction that is appropriate for his/her abilities and 67% feel the level of difficulty associated with homework is appropriate.


Between 2009 and 2014, the community’s satisfaction with the district’s communications has increased from 81% to 89%. Sixty-three (63%) of parents say they receive meaningful feedback from teachers on homework and classwork compared to 57% in 2012. Seventy-three percent (73%) of teachers surveyed said they regularly update grades and assignments in the parent portal. 


When asked to provide impressions of various groups within the school district, the community responded with an 89% positive impression of the school district, 85% positive impression of teachers, 46% positive impression of the superintendent and 50% with no opinion or never heard of him, 35% positive impression of the school board and 59% with no opinion or never heard of the school board. When asked about the leadership at the campus level, 73% parents and 83% of staff were satisfied.

Community results are based from a 2014 Baselice & Associates Phone Survey with a 4.9% (+) (-) margin of error. The parent and employee results are based from email surveys. 2014 email survey respondents: 2,473 parents and 1,638 staff.

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