The Clear Creek Independent School District believes education is a joint partnership between parents and the community. CCISD is made up of dozens of groups and populations all working together to advance and promote excellence in education for students. These groups range from parents and partners, to civic leaders and industry representatives.

Through various initiatives, Clear Creek ISD sets out to educate and engage these district stakeholders and constituents in all matters of education, creating an open and interactive culture. One such initiative is INSIDE CCISD.

Since 2005, INSIDE CCISD has served as an effective vehicle to achieve this important mission.

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Interested Neighbors Staying Informed on District Efforts (INSIDE) CCISD is an engagement model leadership program that brings our 13 municipalities together to learn about the school district and encourage members to become a CCISD advocate.

What are the goals of INSIDE CCISD? The goals of INSIDE CCISD are as follows:
  • To foster a single community philosophy
  • Serve as a conduit to the 13 municipalities that are served by the Clear Creek Independent School District 
  • Engage the community in an open dialogue format where members can receive an in depth perspective through campus tours, presentations and discussion of how the Clear Creek Independent School District operates 
  • Encourage INSIDE members to serve as Clear Creek Independent School District communicators and stakeholders

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Participants can include elected officials, parents, community residents, and business members from our 13 municipalities. We are encouraging participation from individuals who have not served on previous committees, or people who have expressed interest about the District.

How are participants selected?

The Office of Communications will take participant requests from anyone interested. Select members of the community may also receive letters of invitation to participate directly from the Superintendent of Schools.

Why is INSIDE CCISD necessary?

As CCISD continues to grow, the District must strive to improve and increase communication and relationships between all 13 municipalities.

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