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Clear Springs High School Says “Bonjour” to Students from France

Every day students gather around the lunch table to discuss the latest news. The conversations on this afternoon at Clear Springs High School, however, sounded a bit different.

Claire Bartlett’s Pre-AP French 3 class was hosting fourteen high school students from Lycée Sonny Rupaire, located in the Guadeloupe region of France. The air was filled with both English and French as the students swapped stories, eager to practice their second languages. The interactions came easily. These students had already gotten to know each through a series of video conferences.  

“The French teacher, Nadiége Lemnos, and I met on an educational website specifically made for French and American teachers to meet and organize video conference exchanges, chats and more,” explained Claire Bartlett, French teacher at Clear Springs High School. The two educators quickly arranged for their students to interact with one another.

The students discussed the curriculum they were currently learning and the differences between French and American schools. The conversations sometimes turned personal. “The topics also included families, comparing films and books and talking about students’ futures including university studies and careers they want to pursue,” Bartlett said.

After two years of video conferences and online chats, the French students planned a trip to the United States to visit their American friends. Once here, the students spent the day touring Clear Springs High School, tagging along with their English speaking counterparts to their daily classes and sharing an authentic Texas barbeque lunch. “The French were amazed by our high school,” Bartlett said. “Especially its size, its equipment and facilities and its cleanliness and orderly organization.”

The American students also organized a weekend of Houston-area sightseeing, including a trip to Kemah, a tour of NASA/Johnson Space Center and a visit to Hermann Park and Chase Tower. The visit proved beneficial to all involved. Along with practicing their languages, students learned how to relate to foreign speakers and how to embrace cultures outside their own. Meeting the French students face-to-face solidified the bonds that were created via technology and true friendships were formed. Claire Bartlett’s class will continue to communicate with the students rom Lycée Sonny Rupaire and hope to host a new group of French students at Clear Springs High School in the future.

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