Communications Department
Emergency Communications:

Elaina Polsen
Executive Director of Communications

Janice Scott
Assistant Director of Communications

The Office of Communications is committed to providing families, the community, and the media prompt and accurate information in the event of a school emergency. While we certainly do not anticipate incidents that would lead to emergency communications, we certainly must be prepared to communicate with all stakeholders.

Here are the ways we communicate with the public in an emergency:

Email, Phone and Text

CCISD has a service called SchoolMessenger. This system updates every night to ensure any changes to student contact information is current. SchoolMessenger allows us to email, phone and text parents/guardians in the event of an emergency. We will not use text messaging for general outreach messages. Click here to learn more about our texting ability.

Community Hotline  281-284-0027

If an emergency appears to be continuous and information is frequently updated, the District will activate a community hotline. This is a one-way communication where the public can call and receive a recorded message. This number is not manned by personnel to respond to questions. The Community Hotline number is 281-284-0027. The public will be notified when and if the Community Hotline is activated.

Media Outlets

The Office of Communications works closely with the media in a school emergency as this often times is the main source of information for the public at-large. In the event of an emergency, CCISD Office of Communications has staff prepared to respond to media interviews.

District Website

Any information that is provided through SchoolMessenger in an emergency will also be posted on the district’s website at

Questions and Answers

We recognize the need to communicate and answer questions in the event of an emergency. If the emergency involves a particular campus, often times their phone lines are overrun with calls while campus staff is handling the crisis at hand. We recommend parents contact the District’s main office at 281-284-0000 as we will have staff available to share information.

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