World Languages and Cultures

Clear Creek ISD World Languages and Cultures 

Our Beliefs about Teaching and Acquiring a New Language 

In Clear Creek ISD, we believe that… 

  • Studying world languages and cultures expands students’ horizons and cognitive abilities, opens opportunities in a global economy, and promotes understanding across cultures, communities, and countries. 
  • Classrooms are communities of learners who have unique and inspiring perspectives and experiences, who take intellectual risks, and who support one another in learning. 
  • Students should be immersed in the target language 90% of the time. Students learn by using the target language daily, so teachers should limit the use of English in class. 
  • Classrooms are active, vibrant places where students communicate confidently without fear and are actively engaged in movement to increase cognition. Teachers are encouraged to break free from the traditional classroom setting. 
  • Teachers should meet all students where they are in their abilities and should personalize learning to support every student’s success. 
  • Coursework should focus on the real-world, functional use of the language with emphasis on interpersonal communication. 
  • A strong curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) with direction and support from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines. 
  • Students should take an active role in their learning by setting language proficiency goals through the ACTFL proficiency standards, self-assessing progress towards those goals, and documenting evidence of learning. 
  • Authentic texts and real-world resources make learning relevant and increase motivation. 
  • Students should be assessed in a variety of ways that integrate multiple modes of communication in authentic tasks. Assessments should support students in demonstrating performance towards proficiency. 
  • Students should enjoy coming to class, and by making the coursework relevant and rewarding, students will extend their study of world languages over many years. 

Sarah A. Zarcaro
Curriculum Coordinator High School English Language Arts and World Languages and Cultures 

World Languages and Cultures Course Offerings

  • American Sign Language

  • Chinese

  • French

  • German

  • Latin

  • Spanish

World Languages and Cultures courses available on intermediate campuses (based upon enrollment):

  • Spanish

  • French

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