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Mentor Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the CCISD Mentor Program is to facilitate the growth of novice teachers through partnerships which encourage reflective practice, improve the instructional repertoire, and increase student performance.

We Believe

… the novice teacher begins his/her career with a tremendous knowledge base but needs every opportunity to learn and develop her craft through intentional and focused support from her mentors and administration.  He/She is a life-long learner who needs to be given every advantage for content and classroom success and has the right to be treated as an equal.  The novice teacher desires more than anything to be successful, and we believe that he/she will be the best when he/she is given the best.

… the mentor plays a crucial role in the success or failure of the novice teacher.  Serving as a coach, confidante, role model and tutor, the mentor must be a constant source of support and encouragement, be accessible and approachable, and must develop a genuine relationship with his/her mentee built on mutual trust and respect.  The mentor must be passionate about mentoring new teachers, never forgetting what it is like to be a novice teacher.

… the district must provide a comprehensive, multi-year, quality mentoring program that ensures the success and retention of its novice teachers.  Through focused and intentional support, relevant professional learning, and accessible and meaningful resources, the district should set a tone of welcome and encouragement to all novice teachers while demonstrating a commitment to excellence for its students.

… the campus  must function as a collective whole to successfully support all their new teachers and mentors.  To provide such support, campus leadership must develop strong, multi-faceted campus mentor programs that give mentors and novice teachers opportunities to build relationships, meet regularly, observe and model best practice, and set goals for instructional improvement.

 … Training and professional learning within the mentor program is critical and necessary to support the growth of both the mentor and novice teacher.  Professional learning should be ongoing and relevant, focused on supporting the mentor in his/her role as professional coach, emotional supporter and collaborative problem-solver as well as focused on developing the novice teacher’s craft during his/her critical first years in the classroom. 

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