Purchasing Department
Interlocal Agreements

1. Texas Local Government and Statewide Purchasing Cooperative (TASB Buyboard)
Website: www.buyboard.com
Buyboard Contract example number: 291-08
Commodities: Athletic, P.E., AV, Building Maintenance, Technology, Medical, Floor Covering, Food Services, Furniture, Grounds Maintenance, Instructional, Library Books, Modular Buildings, Musical Instruments, Office Supplies, Parks and Recreation, Public Safety, Transportation
**Buyboard requires you to fax a copy of the PO to 1-800-211-5454**

 2. Department of Information Resources (DIR)
DIR Website: http://dir.texas.gov/  
DIR Contract example number: DIR-SDD-890
Commodities: Technology

 3. Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) Cooperative
Website: http://www.choicepartners.org/vendors_map.php 
Commodities: Art Supplies, Audio Visual, Classroom Teaching Materials, Custodial Supplies, Data Processing Supplies, Furniture, Fine Papers, Food Service Supplies, Projection Bulbs 

4. Houston-Galveston Area Cooperative (HGAC)
Website: www.hgacbuy.org/login/ 
HGAC Contract example number: BS08-07
Commodities: School Buses, Cars and Light Trucks 

5. Region V
Website – http://secure.esc5.net/awardedvendors/vendorsearch.lasso
Commodities: Art Supplies, Athletics Awards & Supplies, Audio Visual, Batteries, Building Materials, Disaster Restoration & Recovery Services, Electrical Supplies, Environmental Services, Nursing Supplies, Instructional Supplies, Custodial Supplies, Janitorial Supplies, Data Processing Supplies, General Office Supplies, Lawn Maintenance Equipment, Library & Instructional Supplies, Security Systems, Science Equipment, Transportation Parts, Uniforms, Vocational Shop Equipment & Supplies

 6. Texas Building & Procurement Commission - TBPC     
Texas Procurement and Support Service - TPASS
Select – State of Texas Co-Op Purchasing Program -> Terms Contracts
Website – http://comptroller.texas.gov/procurement/
Texas Multiple Award Schedule - TXMAS
Website – http://comptroller.texas.gov/procurement/prog/txmas/
Select – TXMAS Contracts

7. Texas Correctional Institute – TCI
Website – www.tci.tdcj.state.tx.us/
Commodities:  Schools & Higher Education, City & County Municipalities, Parks & Outdoors, Law Enforcement, Graphics, Janitorial, Garment / Textile, Modular, Furniture, Metal, Services
Texas Correctional Industries providing products and services to TDCJ, other state agencies and political subdivisions, while affording rehabilitative opportunities to incarcerated offenders.

 8. Education Service Center Region IV The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)
Website: www.tcpn.org
TCPN Contract example number: R4709
Commodities: Technology, Computer Components and Peripheral Software, Office Supplies, School Supplies, Furniture, AV, Paper Products, Food Service, MRO, Security Screens, Temporary Labor

9. Education Service Center VII The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)
Website: https://www.tips-usa.com/vlist.cfm
Commodities: Safety Equipment and Supplies. Maintenance Supplies, Technology, Food Service Supplies and Equipment

10. Texas Institute for the Blind & Handicapped – TIBH
Website: https://www.tibh.org/  
Industries Texas Institute for the Blind and Handicapped U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance National Coop

11. U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance
Website: http://www.uscommunities.org/
Commodities: Facilities, Technology, Recreation and Athletics, Office and Classroom solutions




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