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Career and Technical Education - Articulated College Credit

Clear Creek ISD has agreements in place with select colleges and universities to offer college credit for courses that meet the same knowledge and skills as the college level course. Students may earn college credit while in high school by taking and passing specified Career and Technical Education courses with a grade of 80 or higher. These Articulated courses will also count as Advanced Measures for the Distinguished Achievement Plan (DAP). Each articulated course will be denoted with the letter "A" on student transcripts.

See Policy EHDD (Local)

CCISD, in conjunction with College of the Mainland (COM) and San Jacinto College, offers some Dual Credit course selections during the school day. Juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in this program. Some courses are held on the high school campus, while others meet at San Jacinto College South, COM League City Annex, or San Jacinto College Central at the University of Houston – Clear Lake. CCISD provides bus service for Dual Credit students who meet classes at the San Jacinto College and COM League City Annex. College of the Mainland and San Jacinto College have different guidelines and criteria for admission. Admission is contingent upon the student meeting these requirements. Dual credit courses offered during the normal school day may include, but are not limited to: English IV, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, College Algebra and Precalculus.

CCISD has determined the courses for which Dual Credit is awarded. These courses provide advanced academic instruction beyond or in greater depth than the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). In order to receive the high school credit portion of Dual Credit, the course grade must be at least a 70 on the college grading scale. Although a grade of 60 is considered ―passing‖ on the college level, high school Dual Credit is not awarded. If a student earns a college grade of 69 or below, he/she must recover the high school credit if the course or credit is required for high school graduation.

The Dual Credit course, numeric grade, and high school credit earned are posted on the high school transcript. To obtain Dual Credit in year-long courses such as English IV or US History, a student must take both semesters of the equivalent college Dual Credit courses. A student may only receive full credit after completing one full year at the college level (i.e. cannot mix 0.5 high school credit and 0.5 Dual Credit). With the exception of courses taken through Clear Horizons Early College High School, courses taken by Dual Credit do not earn grade points and are not considered in the grade point average at the high school per Policy EIC (Local). The course does have a letter grade and grade point posted on the college transcript.

Dual Credit courses taken as a graduation requirement will count toward academic UIL ―No Pass/No Play‖ and maintain the same eligibility calendar provided by CCISD. All courses in progress are considered passing until notification is received from the provider. Students must also take any corresponding STAAR EOCs and meet State assessment graduation requirements.

As with all Dual Credit offerings, students must complete the CCISD College Credit Endorsement form and get approval before registering for the college courses. Students must be in good standing at the high school in order to be approved for Dual Credit courses. The student is responsible for costs associated with taking college courses, including the purchase of the college-level text, ancillary materials, and parking (if applicable). Students enrolled in Dual Credit courses are eligible for student services, including tutoring and library access, on the respective college campus.

Students participating in Dual Credit during the school day will have college-level classes at either the beginning or the end of the school day. College-level classes meet either on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday and Thursday. Juniors and seniors in Dual Credit do not attend any college classes on Friday. Since college classes meet twice weekly, students taking Dual Credit will be placed in two (2) periods, (college class will show on student schedule). Juniors must enroll in six (6) hours of college credit (2 classes per semester) and seniors are encouraged to enroll in six (6) hours of college credit (however, seniors may enroll in three (3) hours or six (6) hours). Even if a senior chooses to take only three (3) college hours it will still be necessary to block out two (2) periods in order to be available for the college class schedule. No additional release periods are available for Dual Credit students.

Prior to withdrawing from a college course, it is the student’s responsibility to first discuss this matter with his/her high school counselor to determine if space is available in the comparable high school course. Should the student withdraw from a one-semester college level course (i.e. Government) that is a requirement for graduation, the campus will accept the withdrawal grade and place the student in the comparable high school course. Should the student withdraw from a year-long course during the first semester (i.e. English IV or U.S. History) that is required for graduation, the campus will accept the withdrawal grade and place the student in the comparable first semester high school course. Should the student withdraw from a year-long college level course during the second semester (i.e. English IV or U.S. History), the student must recover the fall semester of the high school credit and enroll in the comparable second semester high school course.

Because Dual Credit courses are college level and are taught by college-employed instructors, any disputes regarding grades, course content, schedules, calendar, attendance or other issues are to be addressed to the respective college. Students with disabilities will need to visit with the Special Populations Department at the college for needed accommodations.

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