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Grade Point Average, Rank and Class

Each semester course has a designated grade point level (GPA Level) used to determine rank in class and grade point average (EIC Local). Courses designated as Level 1 courses include:  Advanced Academic (Adv Acad), Pre-advanced Placement (PreAP), Advanced Placement (AP), and Gifted and Talented (GT) courses. Level 2 courses include all general education courses. Level 3 courses are courses which are modified in content by the Special Education ARD committee. In order to achieve a maximum GPA of 6.0, grade points will be weighted as follows:

GPA Level

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The semester grade is used to determine the number of grade points awarded for each course when calculating the student's grade point average.  Grade points earned in courses taken in grades 9-12 are used to determine rank in the graduating class.

The following WILL NOT be calculated in the GPA:

  • Courses taken prior to grade nine
  • Correspondence courses
  • Credit by examination
  • Summer school courses
  • Online courses taken outside of the regular school day
  • Dual credit, with the exception of Clear Horizons Early College High School students
  • Credit recovery
  • Credits from non-accredited or foreign institutions
  • Alternative Physical Education credits
  • Any other means beyond the regular school day
Class Rank

See Policy EIC (Local)

Class rank shall be based upon the grade point average. It is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of semester units attempted, resulting in a maximum grade point average of 6.0. In case of ties in rank, “Those students who are tied should be given the same rank, one position below the next highest student. The student next below those tied should be given a rank determined by the total number of students whose average exceeds this.” (From Rank in Class by the Joint Committee on School-College Relations of AACRAO and NASSP.)

For Seniors Only: Class Rank will be calculated only after the END of each semester. In order to be considered for honors, a student must have completed all outside course work before the end of the first nine weeks of the spring semester with the exception of dual credit courses in progress. This includes DAP Scholar Honor Graduates. After graduation, final class rank is determined and recorded on the academic achievement record.

Classifications by Credit

Classifications are made at the beginning of each school year with reclassification at mid-year for students who were retained, enabling students to be promoted to the next grade level. Students may not replace a lunch period with a credit class.

Students are classified according to the number of state credits they have earned. Required state credits are listed below:

Classification Grade Credits
Sophomore 10th 6
Junior 11th 12
Senior 12th 19

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