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Preparing for a Four-Year Program

How to Choose Your Program

This section serves as a planning guide as you make decisions about your four-year high school program. You are urged to consider each decision carefully. In selecting a program of studies, you will want to consider all the possibilities — realizing, however, that this is one of the most important decisions you will make during the next several years. There are certain steps to follow that can help you make your choices.
    Please make sure you are informed about the new graduation requirements.
    • Find out all you can about the programs of studies offered.
    • Compare the programs. Think about yourself and how each program might help you.
    • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each program. Weigh these carefully.
    • Choose the program of studies which seems to have the most advantages for you. To follow these steps, you will need to know about high school programs of studies, about yourself, and about careers.

    Know About High School Programs

    Your counselor and teachers will be helpful in advising you more specifically about the high school programs of studies offered. Find out the following:
    • The graduation plan you wish to pursue.
    • The number of units of credit in specific subject areas needed for graduation under each plan.
    • The courses that are required to begin certain high school sequences of courses.
    • The elective courses you may take.
    • The kinds of education or work for which the program can prepare you. As you think about this issue, refer to the High School Educational Planning Guide.

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